Last Thursday, as part of Creatives' Learn & Share events, we had the chance to welcome Géraud de Laval who told us more about crowdfunding as he himself launched a crowdfunding campaign using the platform in 2016.

The purpose of the campaign was to use the money to support the creation of an innovative product he was working on : Pomocup, a sensor attached to a ski and connected to an app that allows any skier to collect and analyze data in real time.

If the crowdfunding campaign failed to achieve the target (30,000 CHF raised instead of the 50,000 he aimed at) it has however helped him to increase awareness, create a community and collect feedbacks in order to improve the product. Afterwards a new version of the sensor has been developed and in 2017, Pomocup won the ‘Gold ISPO’ award as well as the ‘innovation world cup’ at the Wearable Technologies Conference.