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g2e glass2energy SA is a company that uses a unique industrial process to produce coloured photovoltaic cells that can be integrated into glass. Founded in 2011, the company’s products are of particular interest in
the construction industry, offering architects an aesthetically pleasing way to optimize a building’s energy potential. The company underwent a strategic repositioning in 2017 and chose to adopt the name H.Glass.


As part of their expansion strategy, the company knew they needed to grow their reputation and become a household name in the industry.
Creatives was hired to develop a digital strategy and a corresponding visual identity that could be easily adapted for various communication channels.


Creatives knew exactly how to produce attractive and coherent branding materials for the new H.Glass. This included everything from print stationary and banner roll-ups for events, to full-coverage building wraps and office signage that would make even the hippest Silicon Valley start-up proud.

On the digital front, Creatives developed a new website with a simple, clean design along with techniques for optimising online interactions
for both the short and long term, an important part of H.Glass’ developing international business.


The new site launched in September 2017 and website traffic has since significantly increased, reflecting positively on H.Glass’ new visual identity and corresponding digital presence.


Creation Director : Mathieu Fouvy
Concept : Chloé Laugier (Art Director) & Stéphanie Etienne
Graphic Design: Stéphanie Etienne, Jorge Petrov & Agnès Schüpbach
Web Designer : Mathieu Croset
Web Dev : Alan Pilloud
Account Managers : Quentin de LattreLuca Romanelli

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