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Founded in 1950 and currently operating in more than 60 countries, Ferring is a major
player in the pharmaceutical industry. Specialized in the field of urology, Ferring attended the annual congress organized by the European Association of Urology, which took place in London in March 2017 (EAU2017).  And it is precisely in this context that Creatives had the chance to put its digital skills at the service of this new client.


Knowing it will be attending the EAU2017 congress, the company decided to digitize its data collection process in order to collect more data but also to facilitate the data analysis mechanism. Ferring ordered a tool that was easy to use and tailored to its visual identity.


Deeply focused on the clients’ needs, Creatives developed a tailor-made IOS application allowing Ferring to collect data from doctors in the best possible manner. Our ‘digital’ team supported Ferring throughout the project, from the application technical development to its graphic design. Developed with Firebase, the application was ready to use at the EAU2017 congress and was able to store all data collected into the cloud. In addition, each doctor questioned was able to receive by email and in real time his/her results as well as a comparative analysis with
the general statistics. Finally, in order to guarantee a fast and quality
support in case of technical problems, Creatives was also present on site throughout the event.


Thanks to this new application, Ferring has been able to collect 3 times more data than during the previous years. In addition, the statistical tools that were implemented in parallel now allow a thorough and faster analysis of the data collected. This application has become a considerable asset for the company, allowing it to better understand its target.


Designer : Mathieu Croset
Account Manager : Cayan Frey
Developper : Frédéric Benoit

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