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Docteur Gab’s brewery is one of the leaders in the craft beer industry in West Switzerland.
Over the years, the company was able to grow, and thanks to twenty collaborators and one of the biggest productions in the area, Docteur Gab’s beer truly rooted itself in the market.


With over 15 years’ experience, Docteur Gab’s already has a history, loyal customers, and a unique visual identity that stands out thanks to its logo’s particularities: the 7 degrees slant and the famous winking, smiling glass. However, in order to achieve the target established by their growth strategy, it is essential that they adopt a sharper position in the market, that will include some work on their identity development. The industrial beer
giants having reinforced their position in the market, Docteur Gab’s is forced to boost its brand awareness.


For Docteur Gab’s, it’s all about « renewing, without losing what has been gained », meaning key markers for clients that are already loyal. With this in mind, we decided to keep the key brand identity elements, which include the name, the colour palette, and some of the logo’s specificities. Actually, the name « Docteur Gab’s » became the starting point for a new concept, that revolves around doctors. That’s how the solid yet quirky
“Gabnostic” concept was born, in reference to the Docteur’s diagnostic. Their beers are no longer simply beers, but remedies to different aches and pains.


From the graphic redesign to car wrapping, it was a true 360° rebranding process. The most impactful change however, was the one made to the bottle packaging. Creatives designed and produced new customised bottles, smaller in size, and similar to old cough medicine bottles. This new packaging allows the brand to truly stand out on the shop shelves. The label design was also reworked, and now contains the Docteur’s Gabnostic, which is different for every beer range.


Combined with Dr Gab’s development efforts, Creatives’ work had a real impact on sales. During the months following the launch of their new identity, the production volume rose
to be 26% higher than that of the year before.


• Creation Director : Mathieu Fouvy
• Art Director : Chloé Laugier
• Graphic Design : Stéphanie EtienneAgnès Schüpbach & Jorge Petrov
• Web Design : Mathieu Croset
• Web Dev : Alan Pilloud
• Copywriting : Tatiana Yukaluf & Lucille Schlatter
• Account Managers : Quentin de Lattre & Gilles Dumont

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