‘L’Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC)’ in canton Vaud is an association of 9 healthcare institutions located in the Morges area: medical centers, nursing homes, hospitals and a private clinic.

In early 2018, the EHC renovated the private unit of ‘L’Hôpital de Morges’ to convert it into a private clinic called ‘La Clinique de Morges’. EHC then asked Creatives to set up the new institution’s launch campaign.


We were asked to roll out an awareness campaign that would quickly bring exposure to this new healthcare player located in the La Côte and Lausanne west area and establish its leadership in the region. The main challenge was to develop a different positioning for this new clinic, when all the others tend to only point out total luxury and quality of care.


We worked on the positioning for several months and decided to focus on the uniqueness of the new clinic for the launch campaign. Indeed, a clinic in a hospital gives you the best of both worlds: no other private clinic can claim to offer such a wide range of treatments 24/7. This unique asset is at the heart of the strategic positioning suggested by Creatives after having worked closely with the client.


The result is a meaningful signature that allows the clinic to stand out from the competition: ‘La Clinique Hospitalière’ (The Hospital Clinic). Referring to both ‘hospital’ and ‘clinic’ at the same time highlights the strong link between comfort and safety but above all brings to light an entirely new category of healthcare centers and offers ‘La Clinique de Morges’ a unique positioning in the market.


According to the budget and communication objectives set by EHC, we created a 360° campaign based on original medium that are not common in the Morges area: a branded bus and a mega poster on the hospital’s facade. A qualitative video and a shooting of a patient journey reinforced the key visuals. We did not forget healthcare professionals either and organized a tour of the new clinic, using DM tactical means and a ‘B-to-B-through-C’ approach. A strong digital mechanism deployed on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram also supported the BTL campaign. And, last but not least, we developed the website www.cliniquedemorges.ch.


Thanks to a new identity and targeted awareness actions, we brought awareness to ‘La Clinique de Morges’ within a very short period of time and imposed it on the market as one of the new healthcare leaders of the region.
Talking about digital, results are very satisfying. Since its creation in November 2018, the website has already registered 6,000 visits. As for the various publications on social networks, they have reached nearly 78,000 people and videos broadcast on YouTube have more than 400,000 views. Finally, the campaign did not go unnoticed in the medical sector of Romandy and really brought to light this new healthcare player.


· Account director: Gilles Dumont
· Strategy: Philip Baertschi & Gilles Dumont
· Concept: Greg Talbot
· Creative Director: Mathieu Fouvy
· Art directors: Chloé Laugier & Stéphanie Etienne
· Graphic design: Agnès Schüpbach
· Web design & Motion: Jorge Petrov
· Web dev: Frédéric Benoit
· Digital media: Fabien Speck & Mathieu Croset
· Photolitho:  Alexandre Girardet (SolutionPixel)
· Social Media project manager: Bastien Marty
· Production manager: Géraldine Dardel
· Web project manager: Cayan Frey
· Video production: Nick Siegenthaler (GreyWolf Prod)
· Photo: Sarah Vez

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